Emerging Leaders Behaviour Policy

  • All participants must show respect to each other and their property. Bullying in whatever form will not be tolerated.

  • Instructions given by leaders are for the wellbeing and safety of all involved in the event and should be obeyed at all times.

  • All participants will be allocated bedrooms. No young person may enter a bedroom that has not been allocated to them at any time. During the official bedtime period, young people must remain in the room allocated to them

  • No young person may consume or be in the possession of alcohol, cigarettes or illegal drugs throughout the duration of the residential.

  • All participants must remain within the physical boundaries given to them at all times.

  • The Centre (Pioneer or Whitemoor) rules must be obeyed at all times.

  • If a young person is found to be in breach of the behaviour policy, leaders will discuss with them their choice of actions and support them in choosing alternative and more positive behaviour.

  • If the young person continues to break the rules they will receive a verbal warning, in the unlikely event of this warning being ignored a formal warning will be issued. This warning will be recorded and the parent/carer informed.

  • If two formal warnings are issues this is a serious breach of the rules, the parent/carer will again be informed. Any illegal acts of behaviour that endangers the safety of others will be considered a serious breach of the rules.

  • Any young person found guilty of a serious breach of the rules during the event may be sent home immediately. Their parent/carer will be contacted (regardless of time) to arrange the collection of the young person, at personal cost to the young person/parent/carer.

  • Illegal acts (such as vandalism, theft, sexual activity or use/possession of illegal drugs) will be investigated and the appropriate authorities informed.


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